Easy Spring Wreath DIY

I am calling this spring wreath the 3x2 because you only need three things to make it, and it only involves two steps. Super easy!

What you need:

Pre-made vine wreath

Dyed roll of burlap


3 step wreath DIY

Keep in mind this is very versatile. You could choose any color scheme you prefer and any garland as well.

First, pull apart your garland and start wrapping it around your wreath. You could use all of it or a little, whichever you think looks best. You don't even need wire for this wreath because the vine is flexible and the garland has wire in it. I just tucked and twisted to secure it together.

3 Step wreath DIY

3 step wreath DIY

Next, use your burlap to accent your wreath. You could easily make a bow or twist it all around the wreath. I recently saw a super savvy friend put pieces of fabric on the base of a wreath and I loved it, so I thought I would try it out here (thanks Joy!).

3 step wreath DIY

And that is it!

3 step spring wreath DIY

spring wreath diy

I had some supplies left over so I made a mini wreath to keep in inside.

2 step spring wreath diy

That is it! Have fun welcoming spring luvvies!


I was at my local craft store when I came across a couple of things that I thought would be great to add to this wreath. Seen below is a ball of strips of fabric, some twine, banner triangles, and stickers.

easy wreath

I just added a little "Spring" banner and some of the fabric strips to the bottom. I think it has the pop it needed now!

spring wreath

spring wreath diy

spring wreath diy

I really think it looks perfect now!


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