Easy DIY Graphic Tee

While channeling the universe, I came up with this DIY graphic tee as an easy way to add good vibes to a white t-shirt. With summer ending next month, I am still trying to squeeze out the last bits of sunshine and green trees. A simple tee, shorts, and converse is my go-to outfit for exploring. This tee is super comfy because I used a dye instead of paint which can sometimes make the t-shirt stiff. You can also use any colors you want for the dye or the t-shirt as long as the colors will contrast enough to see the words. DIY Universe Tee Hello Luvvy 5

You will need:

— White Tee (cotton/poly blend recommended)

— Alphabet Stickers (Make sure you have enough letters to create each word.)

— Tulip Fabric Dye

— At Least Two 3 oz Spray Bottles

— Tea Spoon

— Gloves

— Piece of Cardboard or Foam Board

DIY Universe Tee Hello Luvvy 6 Before you get started I would like to mention that since I used Tulip fabric dye, my instructions work best for that dye. If you want to use a different fabric dye, I am sure it will work, but read the instructions on the packaging and make sure it will work well for this project before getting started. DIY Universe Tee Hello Luvvy 1 To get started, create a word or phrase with the alphabet stickers on the t-shirt. If you have trouble making things even, it may be helpful to plan it out with pen and paper first. Then you will stick a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to separate the front from the back before you start the dying process. This will prevent the dye from bleeding through the first layer onto the back of the tee. Next, you will fill one spray bottle with 2 teaspoons of dye and steaming hot water. Shake the bottle up throughly before you start spraying. DIY Universe Tee Hello Luvvy 2 Holding the spray bottle at least a foot away from the tee, spray the first color on top. You can make this as saturated as you like, I decided to spray it on lightly because it fits with the more minimalist style I was going for. DIY Universe Tee Hello Luvvy 3 Next, fill the second spray bottle with 2 teaspoons of another color of dye and mix it with steaming hot water. After shaking, spray the second color onto the shirt. Leave the shirt to dry for at least 2 hours. DIY Universe Tee Hello Luvvy 4 After the dye dries, you can peel off the stickers leaving an awesome negative lettering effect. This is just one simple way to make a quote t-shirt! Feel free to experiment on a scrap fabric to get your desired look before starting on your actual tee. You will have enough dye left over that you can make a bunch more tees too. I hope you luvvly ladies have an amazing weekend! Use #DIYluvv on insta if you decided to make this easy DIY graphic tee, we would love to see your creations! xo Jessica

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