Easy Braided Crown

It seems like THE hairstyle of 2014 is the braid. Braided styles feel young and fun, and are relatively simple to do yourself. If you'll remember, Melinda did an awesome tutorial on how to do a really gorgeous braided crown back around Valentine's Day. Sadly, I suck at french braiding. And until I've got skills like Melinda, I'll be rocking this dumbed-down version of the braided crown. easy braided crown_collage1 Start with your hair parted in the center. I used a clip to hold one section back while I loosely braided the other section. easy braided crown_collage2 Once I reached the end of the braid, I secured one of the three sections of my braid in between two fingers, then slid the remaining two sections up toward my head. The result is a loose, romantic braid with little ends sticking out here and there. This is the step that makes this style so messy and rad. I secured the braid (which now has a longer "tail") with a clear elastic. easy braided crown_collage3 I created an identical braid on the other side, then wrapped each one up around the top of my head and tucked the long tails underneath each respective braid. I used blonde-toned bobby pins to secure the braids without being seen. easy braided crown_collage 4 And in just five minutes, my milkmaid style is set! easy braided crown_collage5 Happy braiding! Now go put on your lipstick. katie-sig

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