Easter Candy Kabob Centerpiece

Just like many of you, I will be spending this Easter Sunday with family—aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. I wanted to create something that would be equally adorable and delicious and this DIY is the perfect balance. This will function as a fun dessert option the kids will luvv and also a cute centerpiece for everyone to enjoy. WARNING: this will inevitably result in you consuming large amounts of sugar. Let's get started! eastercandykabob

You Will Need:

—an assortment of gummy candies —jelly beans —peeps —wooden kabobs —edible grass —vase eastercandykabob1 The peeps and edible grass are so cute, I couldn't help but make this little scene! easterkabob4 To start, take your gummies and peeps and begin to stack them on your stick by pushing the stick up through the middle of the candy. My only suggestion is if you use chocolate as I have done, you will want to make sure and place that at the top. It doesn't have the stability to make it much further. Have fun with this! You can make all kinds of variations as I have done below. easterkabob7 easterkabob5 Now you are going to make your centerpiece. Pour jelly beans into your vase, then insert the candy kabobs. easterkabob3 Next, you will take your edible grass and stuff it on top and around your kabobs to stabilize them. You may need to use scissors here and there to cut the grass. easterkabob6 And Voila! easterkabob9 You now have the perfect Easter Centerpiece that everyone will luvv. If you are lucky, you may even win the "favorite aunt of the day" award. Here's hoping! Happy Easter luvvies!! darcy-sig

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