Dressing "your age"

by 1 January 10, 2014

Me at 30 (throwing a peace sign), and presumably not dressing or acting "age appropriate."

30 Since turning the big 30 this year, and also fashion blogging on the regular, this voice in my head about "dressing your age" has been popping up in my mind a little too much. And well, to be honest, I hate it. I know it's not only on my mind; I hear other women talking about it constantly: acting your age, looking your age, dressing your age, being appropriate for your age. From what I can tell women are extreme ageist and of the worst kind. Not only do we put certain age standards on ourselves, we openly do it to other women. I can remember when my mom turned 40 my grandmother told her pretty much everyday, in a round about way, that she should cut off all her hair. She would say, " I just think it's awful that when women get older these days they don't cut their hair off." How horrible! Like once you turn 40 you are just supposed to chop off your hair and die. You can't try to look good anymore, you have to "dress your age" and "dress like a mother." This whole idea that once we are married up and babied up we should look our worst so other men can't have us probably was started by dudes a while ago, then the ladies got on the band-wagon and it was all over. Aging was a horrible thing for a woman to go through, and therefore with age women became less desirable and men more desirable. It's time to dispel this horrible idea about ourselves. I don't think this is actually physical, I think it is purely mental. First of all, let me be the first to say that all dudes DO NOT always look better with age. They get beer bellies and hair grows on their backs. Sick. If for some reason you imagine that men do get better looking, then lets consider a few possibilities here. Are these men working out and trying to continue looking fit? Are they keeping up with the timeless style that men so effortlessly can enjoy from j.c. penny and target? Here is the thing about women. We turn a certain age or become a mom and then we just quit. We wear velour sweat pants and oversized t-shirts. We throw our hair in a pony tail and say that we are too busy or too tired to try to look good, and we avoid the gym at all costs. Here is the deal: the only reason why we clam up and fashionably die with age is because we are forcing ourselves to. We think clothes are too trendy and "dressing for your age" is too expensive. We think our bodies are not perfect and that shopping is a nightmare because of it. Nothing looks good, nothing feels right. We need to just hide under the sweat shirt. I am here to tell you not to fashionably die at any age. Don't sell yourself short! You have every right to look and feel good at every age. I would say there is a very small amount of clothing that might scream "not age appropriate." These would include anything with letters posted across your bum, anything from Abercrombie & Fitch, anything mesh, and pretty much anything that shows your butt cheeks. So  these are really obvious and you probably never should have worn them anyway. I think that mostly sums it up on things you shouldn't be wearing, so get out there and find some clothes that really work for you and make you feel good. Let's also make a pact not to cut off our hair at 40 or even 70, and stop being ageist all together.