Dressing Up Dressing Down

dressingup-and-down You might have noticed that there is a lot happening right now in the fashion world. 2014 is the year of pattern play, fancy fringe, two pieced, sequined, high-rise, color blocking, feathered, grunge glory. Are you a little confused yet? Haha. Well the point is pretty much anything goes, do what you want and what you luvv. There are no rules. To paraphrase the latest issue of Vogue, " Fashion 2014 is about the charisma of the individual, the charm of the rare and unique." And in other words, this is probably my favorite year ever. A huge trend now that breaks all the previous "rules"  is taking something sweet and pretty, then grunging it up by adding a beanie, boots, and even some flannel. Being able to dress something down or up instantly adds depth and versatility to your wardrobe. So let's have fun with this trend while it lasts. Darcy Munoz-0063 Hello luvvy

hello luvvyShirt and skirt: ASOS/ Boots: Target/Beanie: Savoir Faire/Brooch: Vintage Heirloom/Purse: Gift

Dress Up: This sweet little two piece is my happiness right now. I wish you could feel it. It is so soft and dainty. The brooch, necklace, and little purse are shiny and feminine, and in my opinion go well with the colors in the two piece.

Dress Down: Black grungy beanie and lace up combat boots.

"Trends may come and trends may go, but fun, we hope, will never go out of style." {Vogue: January 2014}

 Photography: MGB Photo

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