Dressing for the Occasion: Sweetheart Dress

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Dress Mason's/Blazer F21/Shoes Asos/Purse Cheap Thrills/Belt Madewell/Necklace Mason's/Brooch Vintage/MGBPhoto

I am a firm believer that dressing for an occasion is just way more fun than wearing something that would be categorized as appropriate. When it is Christmas, I wear bright reds and greens. For New Years, it's sequins and hats. And so for Valentine's Day I shall wear pinks, reds, and hearts. These sweet colors and beautiful sunshine are making me feel so happy. Deep reds with sweet pinks is a color combination I luvv and today I have the perfect excuse to wear it. Don't miss out on the delight of dressing for an occasion. There is also delight in taking advantage of an occasion like Valentine's Day in your personal life. I hope you spend this Valentine's with people who you love. I hope you tell the people who mean the most to you how important and special they are. While you may think much of this day is silly, it is never silly to give a hug or send a card to someone you love. Sometimes it means the most when it is someone you have been neglecting. You know who they are, it's time to make that phone call, catch up and say you're sorry. It's time to send that card and give those flowers. From all of us at Hello Luvvy Happy Valentine's Day. xoxo  

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