Downton Abbey-inspired Hair Tutorial

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Since the launch of the show's new season two Sundays ago, I've been dying to try some Downton Abbey-inspired hairstyles. There are loads of great tutorials out there on the Internet, so I combined a couple of my favorites (and the most simple to achieve) and created the two looks I'll be sharing with you today.

For the first look, I started by creating a wide side part and then curling my hair in 1-inch sections with the infernal hell wand. Instead of curling away from my face, as I've suggested in my previous tutorial, this time I curled each strand toward my face to help create that "finger-wave" look.

downton (1)

Once I finished curling all my hair, I brushed through the ringlets to achieve a soft, wavy look. Now the fun begins.

downton (2)

I sprinkled a bit of volumizing powder onto the crown of my head to give it some lift, then carefully slipped my headband on.

downton (4)

From there, I grabbed one lock of hair and gently looped it through the headband elastic.

downton (6)

I continued to wrap and tuck each loose strand around the elastic band until it was all secured. The secret to creating that romantic Downton look is to avoid pulling any of the pieces of hair too tightly around the elastic band.

downton (8)

I finished this look with a quick mist of hairspray and-- voila! Dreamy Downton hair, worthy of Mary Crawley herself. This hair style is quite simple to pull off but will undoubtedly catch peoples' attention.

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The second look comes from the beauty blog queen herself, Lauren Conrad. LC posted this tutorial back around Halloween when the "Gatsby" look was all the rage; I think the style fits our Downton Abbey theme perfectly!

In LC's version, she secured the bottom half of her hair in pinned-up braids, (which we're also going to do), but then went on to create her waves using pin curls. I'm sticking with my hair wand here, but with (happily) very similar results!

downton collage4

So I began by securing the top half of my hair in a clip; I then made two tight braids out of the bottom remaining hair. I secured each braid with a clear elastic and then pinned the braids flat against the back of my head (just above the nape of my neck).

I then teased each section of the remaining hair from the end back toward my head.

downton collage5

The teasing created the perfect full bob shape; from there I just pinned each loose end back into the braids at the nape of my neck. I continued this tease-and-tuck method all the way around my head.

downton collage6

The end result was messy but ADORABLE. I jazzed up my new short look with a sparkly barrette; after all, we're channeling abbey life in the roaring 20's!

downton (25)

Both of these styles are fun, easy, and perfect for a night out. All you really need to create these looks are bobby pins and some good hairspray. Try one of these styles for your next party or date night and you'll be sure to impress!

Have a great week, luvvies, and go put on some lipstick!


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