Don't Stop Imagining - Hello Luvvy April Mix

glitter explosion, april music, creation, creating Don't Stop Imagining - April Mix 

The theme for this month's mix is imagining and following your creative energy. I have felt SO inspired the last few months working with the ladies here at Hello Luvvy. These ladies are so talented, and they really push me to be a more driven version of my creative self.  Because of this, I wanted this month to reflect the exhilarating spirit that comes with surrounding yourself with creative people you admire. As we celebrate the Hello Luvvy birthday month, I hope you all take a chance to really look at our mission. What I love most is that we all firmly believe in being a community of women.  That means being a community of creators, thinkers, and sharers. To unite under the desire of celebrating life. These songs are meant to be encouraging, but thought-provoking.  They deal with various sides of the celebration of life, of the creative process, and of the need to express oneself through various mediums. When it comes down to it, these songs are really mostly about color, photos, music, dancing, writing, reading, and, as always, the chaos that is living and trying to be something beyond the average. Now it's time to put on this mix and create!

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