Don't let the Homebody Stay

[caption id="attachment_1490" align="aligncenter" width="729"]Little Faye Baby on Day Two - she looks so sweet, right? Little Faye Baby on Day Two - she looks so sweet, right?[/caption]

Since my last post the week before last the Hency family welcomed our little bit into the world. Faye got here on April 10th and in the past eleven days she has already taught me a thing or thirty and believe it or not one of those things is relevant to the travel section of this site.

I’ve generally thought of a “get away” as something that happens outside of your city or at least over night in a hotel if you stay in your city.  But the addition of Faye has shown me that there are times in your life that getting away requires no more than going somewhere other than your home or office.

[caption id="attachment_1491" align="aligncenter" width="675"]All wrapped up, cuddly and looking hungry.  At the hospital all wrapped up, cuddly and looking hungry.[/caption]

Work gets out of control sometimes. You go through a bad breakup.  Your finances feel a little too tight. You have a baby who wants to eat all the time. There are a number of things that can inadvertently make you a homebody.  And the Homebody sticks. The longer it's around the Homebodier you become. It tricks you into thinking that the outside world holds nothing of  interest to you. Homebody tells you that since its easier to stay home that must mean it’s good for you to stay home.

Homebody is a liar.

We left with the little bit when she was four days old. Everything in me screamed “Do not leave!” Homebody reminded me she might cry and disturb other people, that it was getting late for dinner and that we would have to ready the diaper bag for the first time.

But my luvvly sister had been with us for over two weeks. She waited on Faye to arrive before she went home to Texas and now little bits fourth night would be Kate’s last one in London. We needed to go to dinner out because I love my sister and she deserved it.

I am not going to lie to all you luvvies I was a little stressed the entire time even though we were just two blocks from our flat. But when it was all said and done that trip gave me the guts to fight the Homebody. We are day 11 and have been on a walk or out to grab coffee or dinner almost every day since night four. My mom has even watched the bit so Mat and I could grab dinner just the two of us…twice.

[caption id="attachment_1492" align="aligncenter" width="729"]Don't be decided by the earlier cuteness. This little one has a set of lungs and she knows how to use them. Don't be deceived by the earlier cuteness. This little one has a set of lungs.Here she is screeching all the way through one week pictures.[/caption]

There are always times when staying home is the right answer. If the little one was sick we wouldn’t have gone anywhere on night four. But remember that get aways are refreshing. Every outing feels like a mini-vacay when life has brought Homebody to your door. They soothe the tensions of life. They remind you that the world is bigger than you and may give you just the perspective you need to approach the things that made you welcome the Homebody in the first place.

The little one needs to eat and so do I. So after her dinner we are going to the local pub with the baby in the baby carrier.



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