Doing What You Luvv: Featuring Tess of Savoir Faire

I am always inspired by individuals who know what they want, and pursue it with vigor. Those who didn't take the safe route, who didn't fit the mold. Somewhere along the way they didn't lose track of the American dream to "follow your heart, do what you love, and be your own boss." Then they took that bold step, and did it. They made it happen. Tess Bleich, of local boutique Savoir Faire, is one of these individuals bold enough to follow her dream of owning her own business and "getting to do what I love every single day."  So I was more than excited when she agreed to sit and talk with me about her inspiration, style, and being a business woman. We met recently in her dreamy office on the Fayetteville square. It was filled with fashion mags, Women's Wear Daily, fresh flowers, and macarons: an absolute fashionista's paradise. Tess for Hello Luvvy-1796 Darcy Munoz: What is currently inspiring your style & work? Tess Labeth Bleich: I find most of my inspiration via fashion mags, pinterest, and instagram by following some pretty cool and inspiring individuals.  Sometimes I find inspiration in the most bizarre situations, like, riding on an airplane or looking at a street sign. Recently, on an airplane, I remember being completely enthralled with the color of the lights on the aisle floor… It was like a neon sign and I was digging it -- or just tired.  Either way, I’m pretty sure it inspired the SF homepage images, soon after.  Oh and music… I love a good girl band, and the style that stems from them is something sort of amazing.   Bloggers on Insta: Sincerely Jules, Something Navy, Song of Style, Rumi Neely Pinterest: Model off duty & street style pics are my entire “Style” pinboard Girl Bands (or) Female Vocalists: Haim, Cults, The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs [caption id="attachment_7254" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Tess for Hello Luvvy-1823 Tess in her office showing me her most recent inspirations and holding a Women's Wear Daily[/caption] DM: What is your favorite article of clothing & why? TB: My first instinct is to say my wedding dress for obvious reasons & because it's simply lovely. photo  TB: But, I would have to say the floor length, floral, Free People dress I wore in Paris for our honeymoon. This picture & that dress captured so much of who I was at that frivolous, carefree time in my life. Not much has changed, but it's not everyday I'm running off to Paris to sip champagne on the Eiffel Tower lawn with my love. DM: What is one (or more) of your guilty pleasures? Tess for Hello Luvvy-1780 TB: Fresh flowers & European fashion mags… I’m quite certain there are few things that make me more happy than a trip to B&N for a few mags and a stop at the farmer’s market for a fresh bunch of flowers.  Who am I kidding though… I have no problem buying a bundle at the grocery on occasion (ahem, every other Sunday).  It’s something I don’t mind doing for myself because I love how our house feels with fresh flowers… it also never hurts to receive “just because” flowers either. If you’d like to know the not so glamorous guilty pleasures in my life… I’m a better wife & boss with a few clorox wipes and febreze candles around the house & biz.  Things are much more peaceful when everything is clean and smells luvvly… wouldn’t you agree? DM: When do you feel like your most confident self? Tess for Hello Luvvy-1841 TB: I always feel prettiest in the mornings, after my morning workout & before the store opens... there's just something about the composure I have at this time.  I’ve always been an early bird, so, being active in the mornings is something I’m quite used to and is essential to my lifestyle.  It’s when I’m most fresh, think best, and make plans for the day.   TB: A good hair day & red lip are always a good fix as well. [caption id="attachment_7258" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Tess for Hello Luvvy-1856 Shop Tess's chic style at Savoir Faire, located on the square in downtown Fayetteville, or online at [/caption] DM: What is your advice to women who want to start their own business? TB: “When it's good, it's good... but when it's bad, it's bad.” This is something my dad has always told me and something I think everyone planning to open their own business should know. Like most things in life there are ups and there are downs & you must be prepared for both. You'll know when it's time to run to the Caribbean because you've earned it. You also need to know when it's time to start days at the crack of dawn and then finish days much later than anticipated. TB: “Lack of passion is fatal.”  Only pursue what you're truly passionate about and believe you will succeed, otherwise, your business will suffer. Tess for Hello Luvvy-1852 DM: What is your definition of living a luvvly life? Tess for Hello Luvvy-1835 TB: This goes out to all of the luvvly women tuning into Hello Luvvy today… I would say the definition of a luvvly life is to love yourself and the rest will fall into place.   When I truly started appreciating the life I have to live… that’s when I actually started living.   Beautiful photography by the luvvly MGB Photo Make sure you are following @shopsavoirfaire and @hello_luvvy on Instagram today for a special giveaway and Instagram takeover by Tess herself. darcy-sig

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