Do Something Unexpected: Trendy Tuesday

I'm not sure about you all, but I wish I could snap my fingers and it be 75 degrees and sunny every day until Summer. To say that I am ready for Spring would be an understatement. And I'll be honest, I have fully given up on Winter so even if there is snow on the ground I will be sporting Spring. I'm ready for striped shirts and denim and will wait no longer! This Spring the trend is to keep it simple and chic. Lots of denim, whites and blues with pops of color. When I wear these staple pieces, I want to add a little something unexpected. Your pop of color could be from a great accessory, like shoes or a bag. It could also be a tribal piece of jewelry or a beautiful scarf. The main thing is to keep it simple and chic. As I have matured with age, so has my style, (trust me you learn a lot by putting yourself on the internet), and I have realized that keeping one's look simple truly is the key to making it chic. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory. —Coco Chanel stripes and red shoes striped gap peplum gap jeans red oxfords

gap jean jacket and peplum Gap Girlfriend Jeans, Gap Peplum, Gap Jean Jacket, Vintage Coach Belt Bag, Asos Red Oxfords

This look is very simple but the shoes add an unexpected pop of color. If I had also added a bright necklace or scarf with this, it would have taken away from the excitement of the red shoes.

These Girlfriend Jeans from the Gap are my new jam. I am loving the fit for spring. They are mid-rise with the right amount of stretch and crop right at your ankle. They look great with flats, booties or heels. Gap is also killing it in the blouse arena (trust me, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth). I am loving the simple prints they are currently carrying and the styles—like this peplum. Lastly, the denim jacket for spring is a total must. I'm sure you will be seeing more of this one right here! What trends are you lusting after for spring?



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