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That one Sunday it snowed in Dallas so Mat and I made brown butter rice krispies and hot chocolate for our snow fall watching party.

An abnormally sunny December day we picked up flat whites from the Pearl Cup and randomly bought a couch from Z Gallery.

A just-hot enough day in the Mediterranean off the Turkish coast  - girls sunning on the boat while the boys swam with sea turtles.

Some things you just want to live over again without a single change.

We had some of our bestest friends visit us recently (We took a trip to France and I can not wait to tell you about it next Tuesday). After our French frolicking, four of the six hung out with us in London for a few days. And we had lots of times worth talking about, tales worth telling, and meals I don't regret eating even though I need to double dip at the gym everyday this week. But one of those days was just perfect.


And one of the things in that one day was Petersham Nurseries Cafe.

Petersham is located in Western London on the part of the Thames that's actually beautiful. And you could walk there from the tube station and see Richmond Park and you wouldn't' regret it. This part of London actually feels quaint. So all together not a bad start.

Then there's the gravel road you walk to get to the Petersham property. This path of beauty winds you around an old church and cemetery, iron road signs and open fields dotted with horses.


The property has three main sections that all run together. There's a nursery with all sorts of stunning flowers I have never heard of. There's a tea room with a long farm table boasting fresh pizzas, salads, and the prettiest cakes you have every thought about eating way too much of. Then there is a cafe with both an indoor and outdoor seating area.


We ate in the English Secret Garden. They would just say we dined outdoors. I say they rename the outdoor dining to the English Secret Garden. You are basically eating in an extension of the nursery but this part has a fountain and a canopy of greenery.


The female cohort started with Peach Bellinis because not one of us could think of a reason not to. As we sipped those the boys chatted with the Sommelier and chose a perfect crisp and fruity white wine for us to sip while we sat in the English Secret Garden.

Choosing meals was a problem of the delicious variety. Nothing printed on the heavy weight, textured, matte finished paper menu was an obvious no. The cafe is all about slow food (local and fair trade). The small garden they keep on the property provides much of the produce in the dishes.

Everything on the menu is just straightforward enough to be simple and just different enough to be special.


I won't walk you through everything we ate but if I were you wouldn't pass up the roasted aubergine with a pan tomato sauce (eggplant in American English) or the chocolate tort with earl grey ice cream and honeycomb pieces.


I don't think you would actually pass up that dessert, I trust your judgement more than that, but I want to make sure you know I didn't pass it up either.

Chocolate Tort

I already have plans to come back to the Tea Room. I dreamt about it last night. Ok. I didn't but I wish I did.


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