DIY Valentine's Day Cards

diy valentines This year, I decided to make my Valentine's Day cards a little bit more personal. It seemed like such a better alternative than visiting the picked over greeting card section at Target, am I right?  I came up with three different cards to share with you luvvies. I have included photos for step by step instructions on how I made these specific cards, but the great thing about making your own valentines is that the sky is the limit for how you decorate them!

suppliesNot only that, but there are no specific supplies required. As you can see here, I gathered together a bunch of craft supplies I already had around the house and just let my creative juices flow. This would be a great project to do with your kiddos to give their family members and classmates as well! It has the potential to be so much more entertaining for them than buying a pack of Disney princess or superhero cards and calling it a day.

bee mine valentine diyHere is a look at the "Bee Mine" card I made. I kept each of these super simple, but if you guys  have specific questions feel free to post them in the comment section.

you're my favorite person valentin diyI made this one for my husband. Even though it is the least elaborate, I wanted a chance to practice some hand-lettering. I have a lot to learn there, but it was fun to try. For the lettering shown here, I began by writing in pretty cursive. Then I just made all of the down-strokes a little thicker.

you are the sweetest valentine diyLast but not least is my lollipop card. This is a great option for the little people in your life!

The best part to me about the idea of making your own Valentine's Day cards is that you have plenty of space to personalize the inside as well- whether you want include a fun photo, drawing, or a sweet love note. Wishing all you luvvies the happiest of Valetine's Days!



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