DIY Sweetheart Garland

heart garland

If you have been reading my DIYs for any length of time, you probably already know how much happiness garland brings me. I think we could all use one for every occasion to add a bit of fun to our walls, so today I am bringing you a simple Valentine's Day themed garland. If you hurry to try it out, you can enjoy it for over a month before the holiday arrives!

You Will Need: 

-Assorted pieces of felt in Valentine's Day colors


-A pen or pencil

-Sewing pins

-A sewing machine or needle and thread

valentine's day garland

First, you will need to create a heart template to use to trace all of your other hearts. I just drew one, but you are welcome to search the internet for a stencil to print if free-handing it makes you nervous! Then, you will trace your hearts out onto the felt. I traced 5-6 hearts in each of the colors I chose . The amount you trace will depend on the size of your heart as well as how long you want your garland to be. Next,  you will fasten the hearts together in the order of your choice using your trusty pins. Finally, it is time to stitch these little babies together. I used a basic straight stitch on the sewing machine to attach all my little hearts into one long strand of Valentine cuteness. If you don't have a sewing machine, a needle and thread will do just fine, but it will probably take you a bit longer.

Enjoy, luvvies!


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