DIY Star Spangled Cut Offs

diy star cutoffsI don't know about you luvvies, but my family goes all out for the 4th of July. There is always a lot of fireworks to shoot, food to eat, and fun to be had. In that same spirit, I decided to bring a little Independence Day flare to this week's DIY, so I hope you enjoy it!suppliesYou will need:

-A pair of blue jeans


-White acrylic paint

-A paintbrush

-A writing utensil

-One sheet of crafting foam

cut offs diyThe first thing you will need to do is turn your jeans into shorts. Some of you may have a preferred method for this, but for those of you who have never made cut offs before, I will tell you what I do step by step. First, I fold my jeans in half, as pictured. Then, I draw a dotted line  on the part of the pant leg that is facing up, which will guide where I cut. I cut the top pant leg first and then the bottom leg. Folding them helps me make sure the legs are even lengths. If you want the frayed-hem look, you will want to wash your shorts before proceeding. I just folded mine up, as you will see below.

diy star stampOnce your jeans have become cut off shorts, you are ready to make your star stamp. You can either freehand your star or find something to trace. I used a star-shaped earring as my guide. After your star is drawn, go ahead and cut it out. I provided the right photo for a frame of reference for the approximate size of my star stamp.

paintOnce your star is all cut out, you will need to prepare you painting supplies. In order to use your star as a stamp, all you have to do is paint one side of it with the white acrylic, and stamp it on to the denim.

star spangled shortsAs you can probably tell, I got a bit messy during the stamping process. Also, you can see that my stars are by no means perfect. I kind of like that because I was wanting to achieve the stamped look, which lends itself to these types of quirky imperfections.

diy 4th of july shortsAll you need to do now is let your shorts dry, and they are ready to wear! Here is a photo of how mine turned out. What do you luvvies think? So much fun, right?! This is by far one of the easiest and quickest DIYs we have had on the site, so if you haven't tried one out yet, maybe this is the one for you!

Hope you luvvies enjoy your 4th!!


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