DIY Stamped Flower Pot

stamped flower pot diy

The weather has been so dreamy here lately that I couldn't resist a little spring craft that is sure to brighten up any sun room or porch!

You will need: 

-A flower pot

-Acrylic paint (at least 2 colors)

-A paintbrush

-Sealer spray

-Foam stamps (like the ones we used to make our corkboard coasters- a fab tutorial can be found here.)

diy stamped flower pot

To begin, you will paint your entire flower-pot one solid color. My pots required 2-3 layers of paint each.

Once your paint is dry, you will use your paintbrush to apply the second color of paint to the foam stamp. A helpful hint here: less is more! If you get too much paint on your stamp it loses the "stamp" effect, and the excess paint can also take away from the shape you are going for.

Now you are ready to stamp away! You can add as few or as many designs to your pot as you like. As you can see from the photographs, I experimented with three different designs. I was personally happiest with the way my seafoam green pot turned out.

Finally, you will want to spray your pot with sealer, especially if you plan to keep it outdoors. This will provide a little extra protection for your paint.

Now you luvvies are all set to plant!

To see more tutorials like this one, check out our Painted Clay Pot DIY and our Hanging Succulent Planters.

Happy planting!



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