DIY Snow Globe

IMG_0063Not only do I have a very special holiday DIY for you  luvvies today, but I also have a very special announcement! Keep reading for details.

I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but I for one am sooo ready for Christmas decor! If you feel the same, great. If not, pin or bookmark this little DIY and save for when you are ready to use it!

IMG_0072You will need:

-1 glass jar

-A very small tree or ornament of some sort that can fit inside your jar

-Artificial snow

-Your hot glue gun (of course!)

IMG_0057First, plug in that glue gun. Then, grab your tree and the lid to your jar.

IMG_0058Using your trusty glue gun, secure your tree to the inside of the lid to your jar. This will be the base of your snow globe.


IMG_0060Next, grab your jar and your artificial snow. Add a little bit of snow to your jar. You will want just enough to cover the inside of your lid and graze your tree once we flip the jar over.


IMG_0069Now you are ready to assemble your snow globe! Grab your lid with the tree facing down and slowly, carefully fit the tree inside the jar and tighten the lid.

IMG_0061Flip over your jar, and now you have a luvvly winter wonderland to look at anytime you want! Plus, wasn't that one of the easiest and fastest DIYs we have done on this site?!

Okay, I promised you luvvies an announcement, so here goes...

**On Saturday, November 23rd we will be partnering with the wonderful and talented folks at The Little Craft Show to offer you an unforgettable Christmas crafting event at Savoy Tea in Fayetteville, Arkansas!  Crafting supplies will be provided, AND you will have your choice of making these sweet little snow globes or another holiday craft. Please continue to check our facebook page for details on the time and how to RSVP. You don't want to miss a chance to help kick off The Little Craft Show, hang out with a couple of your resident HelloLuvvy writers, and sip on the best tea in town!**


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