DIY Salt Spray for Perfect Beach Hair

A few weeks ago, I posted about my love of heat-free waves using sea salt hair spray. Recently -- and in conjunction with our beach-themed month -- I have been combing the internet (ha, "combing:" total beach pun!) for a DIY recipe for this summertime must-have beauty product. Read on to see how I put together my own cheap and fabulous home version. You will need: DIY salt spray (3) 1 plastic spray bottle 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 tbsp hair gel 2 tbsp epsom salt or sea salt DIY salt spray (6) Tips: Use a cheap drugstore hair gel for this DIY project to get the most bang for your buck. You should heat up your tablespoon of coconut oil before you pour it into your spray bottle. This will help the oil mix with the water and other ingredients. I used Epsom salts instead of sea salts so my end product would be less likely to dry out my hair-- plus the Epsom salts smell great. Once you've combined everything in your spray bottle, shake your mixture vigorously for a minute or two. Then you're ready to style your mermaid hair for the beach! (Or just for the pool or patio.) DIY salt spray (20) To use your homemade salt spray: You can spray your salt mixture onto towel-dried hair and allow it to dry natural to get really soft, textured waves. Or you can cheat like I did and curl your hair as you normally would, (curling iron, wand, hot rollers, etc), then apply your salt spray to achieve that perfect touseled look! DIY salt spray (13)Scrunch your curls as you spray! You can even flip your head upside-down and spray from underneath for more volume. DIY salt spray (15)   Well luvvs, you could spend big bucks on brand name "sea salt" hair sprays, or you could get busy with making some of your own! This DIY project smells amazing and is guaranteed to give you the salt-kissed textured waves you're coveting, even if it's been raining in your homestate for weeks (talking to you, Arkansas luvvies). DIY salt spray (21) Finish your mermaid 'do with a light mist of regular hairspray and -- of course -- some lipstick. Happy Memorial Day! katie-sig  

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