DIY Rag Roll Tutorial

It's finally Thanksgiving week, which really has me feeling nostalgic. I'm not just sentimental about sacred family recipes and post-turkey naps, but also about the simple lives our parents and grandparents seem to have lived: no eyebrow threading kiosks, no YouTube makeup tutorials, no blow-out bars, and no infernal curling wands. One of my favorite curling techniques from my grandmother's era is the rag roll, in which you roll towel-dried hair around strips of cloth to produce tight curls without heat. I love any curled hairstyle that doesn't involve harmful heat, so I thought this vintage coif might be an excellent look for Thanksgiving lunch with the family. So while my husband was sleeping, I cut up one of his old t-shirts and began my rag roll experiment. rag rolls (4)text I cut my strips to be around six inches long and one and a half inches wide. Precision isn't necessary here; just make sure your strips are long enough to tie around each rolled-up section of hair. rag rolls (3) Go ahead and towel-dried your (clean) hair and let it air dry until it's just barely damp. I parted my hair wide over the arch of my right brow, but any part will be fine for this curl. Roll a small section of hair (around 2 inches) around the strip of cloth, going under/toward your face. rag rolls (10) Keep turning the cloth until the section of hair is all the way against your head, then tie each end of the cloth together. Be sure to tuck in the ends of each section of hair as you roll it up. rag rolls (8)rag rolls (9) Continue rolling in two-inch sections until you reach the back of your head, then begin on the other side of your part, remembering to roll towards your face. rag rolls (14)rag rolls (18)rag rolls (19) Once you've rolled your entire head, cover with a handkerchief and go about your business. The knots are soft, so you could comfortably sleep with the rags in if you wanted to roll it up before bed. rag rolls (23)rag rolls (27) I left my rags in for almost eight hours. I wanted to make sure the curl was set without having to break down and use the hairdryer. When I took the first rag out, I was amazed at how tight the curl was. rag rolls (38)rag rolls (40)   These are like perm-level curls. They're unbelievably bouncy and soft. rag rolls (42)rag rolls (44) To style the curls, I used my fingers to comb through the spiral curls and give the whole look some height. rag rolls (47) I used a cheap gold barrette to pull the front over and set it with some hairspray. rag rolls (53)rag rolls (58)   With crazy-tight curls like these, I'm thinking you could create some really fun up-dos. For now though, this wild take on a vintage hairstyle has me feeling myself. I think this curly look may be the perfect style to pair with my pajamas for my family's "PJ Turkey Day" festivities. I hope you all have a wonderful stretchy-pants'd, big-haired, bright-lipstick'd Thanksgiving! katie-sig

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