DIY Pushpin Artwork

6Today's project comes with the promise of being quick and easy!

You Will Need:



-A pencil

-Spray paint

1First, choose the size of canvas you would like and the color of spray paint. I went with a black matte spray paint since I knew it would contrast well with the white pushpins. Go ahead and spray your canvas. Depending on the color and brand of spray paint, it will probably take you several coats. You will also want to give it plenty of time to fully dry before you proceed to the next step.

3Once your canvas is good and dry, use your pencil to write the word of your choice. This will be your blueprint for where to stick your tacks.

4Now you are ready for the final step! Stick your thumbtacks along the pencil lines you drew on your canvas.

5Once your pencil lines are fully covered you luvvies are all done and ready to enjoy your new artwork!



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