DIY Pom Pom Beanie

diypompom2 I don't know about you luvvies, but I kind of have the winter blues. I am so tired of cold weather, and we are only half way through January! One thing I can admit that I love about the cold weather is that you can throw on a beanie and avoid time spent managing your mane. I will confess that on the weekends, I do this often. Today's DIY teaches you how to add some fun to your favorite beanie. Let's get started!


-A beanie -Yarn -A needle -Thread diypompombeanie1 diypompombeanie2Begin by wrapping yarn around the palm of your hand. Make sure to leave a couple of inches extra hanging before you wrap. You will need this later to fasten your poof! diypompombeanie3 Keep wrapping! My motto was the thicker the better because it will make your pom pom extra spunky the thicker it is. diypompombeanie4 When you think you have wrapped enough yarn around your hand, snip the end to separate it from the ball of yarn. Gently remove it from your hand. Using the two loose ends, tie a tight knot all the way around your bundle of yarn, as seen in the photo above. IMG_3755This should leave you with two rounded sides of yarn. Take your scissors and cut the loops, so that your yarn starts to look like a pom pom. diypompombeanie5Guess what?! It is totally okay if some of your pieces are longer than others. I had that problem too. Just take your scissors and carefully trim off any long pieces so your pom pom is a nicer looking circle. diypompombeanie6 diypompombeanie7 Now, thread your needle and use it to attach your pom pom to the top of the hat. diypompombeanie9 diypompombeanie10 All done! What do you luvvies think? This is officially my favorite beanie now. I can't help but smile when I see it. Happy crafting, and stay warm!


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