DIY Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

Okay, I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but judging by my instagram feed a lot of you are already in full-fledged Christmas decorating mode. Whether you are one of those people who is contemplating putting your tree up before Thanksgiving or one who prefers to wait, this DIY should help you get into the holiday spirit!

supplies copy

you will need


-Spray Adhesive


-Spray paint (optional)

-Hot glue gun


diy pinecone christmas ornament

This is a very simple craft, sure to add a whole lot of sparkle to your holiday decor! Begin by spray painting your pinecones any color of your choice. This step is optional, but it does make the glitter stand out a little bit more. I played around and spray painted a couple while leaving a few natural. Once your spray paint is dry, use spray adhesive to cover your pinecone, and then cover with glitter. I am totally convinced that glitter has magical properties because anytime I use it while crafting I instantly love my project about a hundred times more.

Finally, once your glitter sets, use your glue gun and ribbon to attach a loop at the top of your pinecone to make it an ornament.

See? Easy as can be!

Bonus: If you don't want to hang these on your tree, skip the ribbon and put them in a pretty bowl to add to a holiday vinette or centerpiece around your home! glitterpinecones


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