DIY Photo Series Part 4: Literary Photo Display

If you luvvies have been keeping up with our DIY photo series, you know that it is all about encouraging you guys to go out and develop your beautiful pictures. Today, in the final installment of the series, I will share with you one last fun DIY for displaying your photographs. Let's get started!

book photo display supplies

You will need:

-One book of your choosing

-A pencil

-A ruler

-Scissors and a box cutter or an exacto knife



boox photo display step 1First, use your ruler and pencil to draw out your photo frame. The size you choose will depend on the size of both your book and your photograph. I made my square 3 inches by 3 inches.

book photo display step 2Next, use your box cutter or exact knife to slice along the lines you drew. This is nice because you can cut through several pages at once. You can cut through as many pages as you like. The more pages you cut the frame from, the more of a shadow box look you will achieve.

book photo display step 4I then used my scissors to clean up the lines where I sliced and trim any unwanted paper sticking out of my square. You may not have this problem, but the pages in my book were pretty old, and therefore a little tricky to slice cleanly.

book photo display step 4Finally, tape your photo to the first full-page that you have not cut the square from. This way, your photo will peek through the square.

book photo displayYou can even do one photo on each side of the open book, like I did here.

displayThis is a very quick and fun craft, especially if you are a book lover!

I hope you luvvies have enjoyed the DIY photo projects as much as I have. I love all the new ways I am putting my printed photos to good use!


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