DIY Photo Series Part 3: Coffee Table Photo Display

As a reminder, our photo series is a set of projects aimed at inspiring you to develop your photographs. Here are Part 1 and Part 2 incase you luvvies missed them!

 Today I have a project I recently did in my home to share with you luvvies. It involves using your coffee table as a photo display! Let's get going.

You will need:

-Photographs/Postcards/ Paper momentos



-A Pen

-Glass to cover the top of your coffee table (unless of course your table already has glass overlay)

coffee table diy

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have glass on the top of your coffee table. This is necessary as it not only holds the photographs in place, but it also protects them from the food and drinks that will inevitably come to rest on top of your table. As you can see, mine already has two sections covered with glass. If yours does not, have no fear! You can get glass cut at Lowe's or another hardware store of your choosing to fit the top of your table.

diy photo coffee tableFor those of you with a glass top to your table, the first step will be to remove the glass.

diy photo coffee tableNext, use your glass to trace its shape onto your fabric, and cut it out. The amount of fabric you will need depends on the area of your table that is covered with glass. If your fabric is wrinkled like mine, it might also be a good idea to go ahead and iron or steam it before moving on!

photo display coffee tableNext, lay your fabric out smoothly on the surface of your table and begin arranging your photos. I threw in some fun notes and postcards we have received alongside the photos to add a little bit of variety. I also mounted some of my photos on decorative paper to add a little bit of depth, but that is totally optional.

replace glassFinally, once you are pleased with your layout, replace your glass to secure your photos.

diy photograph display coffee tableAll done! What do you luvvies think?! Not only is this a fun way to store your printed photographs and keepsakes, but it adds a lot of life to your furniture as well!

P.S.: Stay tuned for the final installment of our DIY photo series next month!


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