DIY Photo Series Part 2: Stitched Photo Wall

If you luvvies will recall, in Part 1 of our monthly DIY Photo Series I explained that the purpose of these posts is to encourage us all to develop our photographs. I hope you luvvies have taken this challenge right along with me because I  must say, today's project makes me really happy. Now, I realize I am not the first to attempt an Instagram/photo wall, however I came up with my own take on this particular DIY. I had two goals in mind: 1) It needed to be easy to hang and 2) It needed to be easy to move, in the event that I want to move it to another room, or even my next home.

diy photo wall supplies

You will need:

-Photographs (I used 45 4in x4in photos)

-A sewing needle

-Embroidery thread


-A ruler or measuring tape

-Push pins

To create my photo wall, I first measured my space. I had 45 photos, so I knew that meant I could have 9 columns made up of 5 photographs each. These dimensions will vary from person to person, depending on your space. I began by sorting my photos into 9 stacks of 5.  Next, I threaded my needle, tying a knot at one end.

diy instagram wall

I pieced my photo wall together one column at a time. To do this, I took the first photo in each column, used my measuring tape to find the center of the photo, and threaded the needle through from back to front about 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the photograph, as seen above. Then, I took the second photo in each stack and threaded my needle through the top center from front to back. There should now be a visible stitch connecting the two photographs. I continued adding on the photos in each column one by one, following this same pattern.

Once I finished sewing, I was left with 9 columns made up of 5 photos each to hang, rather than 45 individual photos. This was extremely ideal for me. As I am not great with precision, hanging 45 photos individually in a grid sounds like a crooked nightmare waiting to happen. I used my pushpins to hang each column side by side. I used one pushpin at the very top of each column, and one at the bottom. Having the photos stitched together made hanging this display so simple- it probably took me 5 minutes total! I luvv how it turned out! It adds so much color to my previously dull wall, and I glance up and see 45 wonderful memories staring back at me. Seriously ladies,  develop those photos!! You won't be sorry!

instagram wall


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