DIY Photo Series Part 1: Photo Journaling

Today's post is going to be a bit different from my normal DIY posts, so I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. One of my personal goals for 2014 has been to develop more photographs, especially now that I have a little man in my life who is growing and changing so quickly. Since smartphones have become the norm, I know many of us capture way more on camera than we ever did before. Even when I photograph things that seem mundane at the time, I have realized how much I love scrolling back through my phone and remembering even the most ordinary of moments. I know I will cherish having a hard copy of each little memory that I will be able to pass down to future generations. I mean, what is more fun that looking through your mother's or even your grandmother's old photo albums?! Still, I sometimes need extra motivation when it comes to these types of goals, so I thought what better way to accomplish this than to challenge you luvvies to join me! For this series, one DIY each month will include printed photographs on the supplies list. That way, in order to complete the project, we all have to go print some memories! I hope you will join me in this endeavor.

diy photo series photo journaling

For the first post in this series I thought I'd start with something simple, if not a bit obvious, that I think many of us have overlooked. When I was younger, scrapbooking was all the rage. Even though I enjoyed having a creative way to display my photos, I felt that many of the options out there were honestly pretty cheesy. Recently, I decided to give it another look. I decided that by getting a bit more creative, I could preserve my memories in this way without it being totally lame. I actually started to enjoy it!

suppliesPictured above are my scrapbooking musts. Most important are of course the photographs. Shown in the picture are a recent batch of instagrams I had developed at Walgreens. (For the record, they were inexpensive, and the quality is great!) I have chosen to create my memory books in the style of Project Life. This line is very appealing to me for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows me to be creative while still having my photos at the focus of each page. By design, the pages involve clean lines, keeping you away from getting too cluttered with distracting embellishments. Finally, I love that it lends itself to being just as much a journal as a photo album. I think I will enjoy going back and reading what I wrote on the entries where I choose to say a little more. Other than the project life kits, my main supplies are washi tape, colored sharpies, scissors, adhesives, and very few stickers.

page ideasI am just getting started with this style of photo journaling, but it is definitely a fun new challenge. Here are the first couple of pages I did. I don't have a step by step tutorial for this craft because the content and supplies will vary so much from person to person. I do hope that you will all join me in this DIY photo series because I have lots of fun ideas for putting your printed photographs to use!

PS: If any of you luvvies have photo journaling pages you want to share just use the hashtag #HLphotochallenge on instagram. I would luvv to see what you all have come up with! Let's inspire each other, luvvies. xoxo


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