DIY: Photo Booth!

Photo booths are all the rage now and it's easy to see why. A photo booth can make your event's photos stylized and unique.  Hello Luvvy recently sponsored a photo booth for a community event and it was well worth it. We had a great time and we think everyone else enjoyed it too!

The styles and supplies for your photo booth are endless. So have fun with it and get creative! Your local craft store should contain all the supplies you need for this project.

Start with your props:

I found these free cutouts here and here. Then I printed them on card stock paper.

DIY Photo booth

Now, just cut them out and glue them to the end of the sticks.

You can also use foam sheets (seen below) to create props (top hats, bow ties, hair bows, etc.).

hello luvvy photo booth

DIY photo booth

Next consider creating a banner. We needed a banner so people could know who we were, but you could make one that says, "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, or Happy Anniversary."

To create the banner, I purchased some pre-made cardboard pieces and used stickers for the letters. Then, I used ribbon to connect the banner.

DIY Banner

DIY banner

Next, it's time to create your background. I used wrapping paper because I loved the polka dots and it was very inexpensive. However, it did create a bit of shine for the photos, so consider using a flat based paper if not fabric.

DIY photobooth

DIY photo booth

DIY photo booth

So much fun! I must say after this event I have photo booth fever. I can't wait to make new and different ones for our next event! Let us know if you have an event coming up and would like Hello Luvvy to help you with a photo booth, and look for a special HelloLuvvyCares blog post this week about this special event.




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