DIY Peter Pan Collar

diy collarsI must say, I love a good peter pan collar. That is probably why the DIY I am sharing with you today is one of my absolute favorites that I have done for HelloLuvvy thus far. Also, like many of the other crafts I have shared with you, it can totally be made your own, so no two collars will look alike! Ready? Let's get started!

You will need:

-An 8.5x11 inch piece of felt


-Hot glue

-24inches of ribbon (this should be more than enough)

-Beads, jewels, gems, baubles, studs (whatever you chose to decorate your collar with)

collar step1Your collar will be made of two main pieces of felt. To get my collar shape, I grabbed a shirt in my closet that already had a peter pan collar attached and used it as a pattern. Once I had one side traced and cut out, I used that piece to trace the other side so that they would be as close to the same as possible.

collar step 2Once your two pieces are cut out, they should look similar to what you see above. The little tab in the center is very important because it will be used to fasten the two sides together.

collar step 3Speaking of which, that is your next step! put a dab of hot glue on one of the tabs and lay the other tab directly on top. Don't worry about being able to see the top tab. Once you are decorating, you can cover it with jewels, beads, studs, or even a cute little bow (whatever your luvvly little heart desires)!

collar step 5Now your collar should more or less look like the image above!

collar step 6Here is the fun part- decorating your collar! Be as creative as you like. For the first one, I used a combination of vintage beads I already had, and few more colorful beads I purchased at my local craft store. If you are good with a needle and thread, you could even add some fancy stitching!

collar step 7As you can see here, I just used hot glue to attach my beads. This was mostly for the sake of time. If you are using beads or sequins, sewing them on would probably be a more long-lasting way to do it.

beaded collarHere is a picture of my fully decorated collar.

collar step 8Next, you will need to get out your ribbon, and cut two pieces long enough to tie a bow. I say cut them about a foot a piece to give yourself enough room. If the strings hang too long once you tie your bow, you can always trim them.

collar step 9To attach the ribbon, you will first cut a slit the width of ribbon about 1 inch from the top of each side of your collar.

collar step 10Then, on each side, you will thread your ribbon through the slit about 2 inches.

collar step 11On the small piece of ribbon you have threaded through, put a dab of hot glue.

collar step 12Fold over the ribbon with the hot glue, so that it is now fastened to the underneath side of the long piece of ribbon. You will do this to the other side of your collar as well.

collar step 13From the top, each side should look like the image above.

collar step 14Ta-da! Now you are all finished!

diy collars 2I had so much fun with this craft, I decided to make two! What do you luvvies think?

diy collar exampleHere I am modeling one of the collars I made! The best part about these fastening with a ribbon is that they are so easy to adjust to the neckline of whatever shirt you are wearing. I think I have a new fashion craft addiction.

We would love to see what creative ways you luvvly ladies come up with to decorate your collars!



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