DIY Party Hats


As you have probably noticed, we are in a celebratory spirit around here! What shindig is complete without a party hat?! I have been wishing for an occasion to make these for quite a while, and I figured our little website's 1st Birthday would be a great one. This project is quick, simple, and so much fun, so let's get started!

diy party hat suppliesYou will need: 

-12x12in cardstock paper

-A variety of fun ribbons/ trimming

-Craft pom balls

-A glue gun


diy party hatsFirst, you will cut your paper into a fan shape, with the bottom a little bit rounded. This way, when you roll your paper, it will easily form the nice cone shape you want for your hat. Then, use your glue gun as seen above to glue the edges of your cone together. Once your hat has taken shape, use your glue gun to attach your ribbon or trim to the bottom edge of your hat. In the photo I used three different kinds of ribbon so that you luvvies could see what a variety of styles might look like. Last but certainly not least, I hot glued the fuzzy pom poms to the tops of the hats! I think this adds the perfect festive touch, how about you luvvies?? You are welcom to also fasten ribbon or elastic at the bottom of your hats to keep them secure for wear... This might be a particularly good idea if your party plans include dancing the night away!

Luvvies, thank you so much for DIYing with me over this last year! It has been so much fun for me, and I can't wait to see where year two leads!


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