DIY Paper Straw Wreath

Today I'm going to share with you luvvies how I made this fun and festive wreath out of party straws! straw wreathYou will need: 

-Approximately 120 paper straws

-A scrap piece of cardboard

-A glue gun

-Scissors or a box knife

-2 Different sizes of bowls or other round objects you can use to trace the shape of your wreath onto cardboard

-Ribbon for hanging your wreath

diy paper straw wreath

1. First, gather your supplies. I purchased my straws from Target in the party section. I used a scrap piece of cardboard I had from the bottom of a package of water bottles. It doesn't have to look great; you will be covering it with straws anyway. Posterboard would even work since the straws are so light- weight.

2. Next, you will trace the shape of your wreath and cut your cardboard. I used two different sized mixing bowls to create my circles: one approximately 4 inches in diameter and the other approximately 8 inches in diameter.

3. Now you are ready to start glueing down your straws. I began, as you can see, with one color at a time.

4. Depending on how many different colors of straws you selected, you can create a pattern for gluing them down.

5. I used the extra straws that didn't fit into my pattern to fill in the gaps in the wreath where I could still see cardboard. Viola!

hanging paper straw wreathLast of all, I cut two pieces of ribbon and hot glued them to either side of the upper back portion of the wreath. I then tied the loose ends into a bow so that I could hang my wreath!

paper straw diy What do you luvvies think?? It adds the perfect festive touch, perfect for parties or just sprucing up your home!


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