DIY Paper Mobile

I am very excited to share today's DIY with you all. As many of you know, I am a new mom. Even though we have our sweet little bundle already, there are still a couple of things I have been wanting to add to his nursery that just didn't quite get finished before I had him. One such item on my nursery to do list was getting him a mobile. I searched all over etsy and found that most of them were pretty pricey, so naturally, I decided to make one myself! Here's how:

diy mobile suppliesYou will need:


-An embroidery hoop

-Scrapbook adhesive mounting squares

-An assortment of colored/ patterned paper

-Transparent jewelry cord

-A screw-in hook

-A paper crafting punch in the shape of your choice

diy mobile stepsFirst, you will use your paper punch to cut out the shapes for your mobile. The number of shapes depends on the size of your punch and how full you want your mobile to be. For those of you interested in following my exact model: for every one anchor on my mobile I used two cut-outs (one for the front and one for the back), so all together I ended up punching out 70 anchors.

Next, you will cut your transparent cord into strands for you to hang from the mobile to attach your shapes. I used 10 strands of cord total. I staggered my lengths, using five 16 inch strands and five 14inch strands. The length of your strands may vary from mine depending on how long you want your mobile to hang down. Just remember to leave some extra room at the top for tying your cord to your hoop!

Once you have your strands of cord, you can begin attaching the shapes you cut out! I stuck the double-sided mounting squares to one shape, laid the cord on top, and covered it with another shape, as you can see from the photos. This will keep you from having exposed cord or tape when your shapes spin on the mobile.  (Note: My shape was kind of skinny, so I had to cut my mounting square in half. If you are using a larger shape, such as a circle, this will probably not be necessary!) On my shorter strands of cord I used three anchors (so six shapes total), and on my longer strands I used four anchors (eight shapes total).

Now you are ready to tie your strands to your hoop! I just used the interior part of my embroidery hoop for this step. I tied each strand evenly spaced around the hoop, alternating long and short lengths.

Your mobile is complete! Now you just need to decide where you want to hang it and screw the hook in your ceiling at that spot. In order to hang my mobile, I cut 4 more pieces of cord exactly even in length and tied each one of them to my hoop.These again need to be equal distance apart from one another so that your mobile stays balanced. Then I tied the loose ends of each of the four strands of cord together. This is probably the most difficult step because if these cords differ at all in length, your mobile will not hang straight. Luckily, the cord is fairly easy to untie if you need a redo! Now you are ready to hang your mobile from the knot!

diy paper mobileWhat do you luvvies think?! I'm pretty sure baby Ezra is going to luvv it!


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