DIY Paper Garland


If you have been reading the DIY section of this website, you are probably aware that I have a mad love for garland. It has been a while since I have done a tutorial for my favorite festive feature, but have no fear. Today I have a  simple paper garland to share with you luvvies.


You will need:

-Scrapbooking paper


-A pencil

-A couple of round objects to trace

-A needle & thread OR sewing machine


You will begin this project by selecting your paper. I had a ton of scraps lying around that I wanted to get rid of, so mine is kind of a mixture of prints and colors. You may have a more uniform idea, and that is great too! Once you have all of your paper, grab the round objects, and start tracing. I selected three objects of different sizes so that all my circles would vary in size as well. The amount of circles you  trace depends on how long you would like your garland to be.


Next, cut out all of your circles.


Once your circles are all ready, all you have to do is sew them together. My sewing machine wasn't easily accessible at the time I did this project, so I chose to use a sewing needle and embroidery thread to attach my circles to one another. It would definitely be faster with a machine, but you want to make sure you have thick paper for that because it might be more likely to rip. I kind of like the idea of stitching it by hand also, because it gives it that homemade, imperfect look I love so much.


Here is the finished product! If you luvvies aren't down with circles, feel free to branch out and try another shape or even mix and match. Just have fun with it!


PS- Stay tuned for info on our upcoming holiday themed Luvvy Craft Time collaboration with the folks of The Little Craft Show!

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