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DIY: painted dish towels

by 3 March 25, 2013

i am always on the look-out for new dish towels. we go through them so fast, and they look so cute hanging on the stove. i feel like they really can add an extra touch of cuteness to your kitchen. while i was looking for some i found just plain white dish towels. they were at Wal-Mart, a 5 pack for $4.95: you can't beat that! but the problem was...they are super boring. boring just won't cut it in my book, so i decided to decorate them myself!   this is how i did it: i looked around the house to find stuff i had to make them unique and i decided i would paint them. i just used plain acrylic paint and an empty toilet paper roll tube. how easy is that?! i painted the end of the cardboard role and then stamped it down. i also used a stencil and paint pen to add text.



the possibilities really are endless. you could use all different colors of paint and stamp all different shapes onto them!


these would even make great gifts, you can personalize them based on color scheme or names, etc. i could see them tied with twine as a house-warming gift!


aren't they so LUVVLY? and they are embarrassingly easy. now go make some of your own! its fun & no one will ever have one just like it.