DIY Paint Swatch Wall Art

headerFor months I have been admiring the simplicity and vibrancy of the paint swatch walls I see on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I neither have the wall space nor the fortune of owning my home, so I had to modify the idea a little bit. I came up with a little framed version of my own. It adds that same splash of color, but is less overwhelming I think.

suppliesYou Will Need:

-An old frame

-A piece of posterboard

-Lots of paint swatches (They are free!)

-Craft Glue


-A pencil

-A staple gun

poster boardFirst, I used the pencil and scissors to trace and cut down the poster board so that it would be small enough to be the backing of my frame. Make sure to leave enough excess board to be able to attach it to the back of the frame at the end.

arrangeNext, arrange the swatches in the pattern of your choice where they will go on the poster board so that you have a plan before you glue!

glueNext, glue your swatches down.

trim edgesIf, like me, you had some swatches that stuck out from the edges of your poster board, now is the time to trim those off.

stapleFinally, use your staple gun to attach your poster board to the back of the frame, and you are all done!

finishedWhat do you luvvies think?

side viewIt may not be quite as vibrant as the paint swatch wall, but it definitely provides that extra colorful pop!


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