DIY Ombré Tassel Necklace

Lately I have been seeing tassels on everything—earrings, necklaces and key chains. And I am luvving this colorful trend. I also luvv how easily this look can be recreated with only a few simple steps. Most of the tassel necklaces I have seen cost around $30, while creating your own necklace will cost you only $7--  plus you will have some supplies left over for your matching bracelet! In honor of Valentine's Day this Saturday, (and my favorite color combination in general), I am using pinks and reds to create an ombré color scheme. Let's get started.


—18 in chain necklace —metal rings (jewelry accessories) —embroidery thread —scissors The gold chain and rings are found in the jewelry section of your craft supply store. diytassel_supplies3 diytassel_supplies First, you will need to open up the end of your ring. I was able to do this using my hands, but if it is too hard pliers will work perfectly. IMG_3951 Then, after removing the outer paper packaging of your thread and without unraveling the thread, slip your ring through the loop of the embroidery thread bundle, like this: diytasselloop You will then un-loop one end of your string so you have a piece to cut. This piece should be about 8in long. diytassel_1 Now, tie a knot around the top of the tassel to secure it then wrap the remaining string around the tassel several times until you are ready to tie it off. diytassel_2 diytassel_3 Once you have secured the string, you will cut the remaining thread. You can make these as short or long as you like. I cut mine to be about an inch long. diytassel Repeat these steps to make five tassels. Aren't they the cutest?! diytassel_4 Now it's time to secure the tassels to your necklace. Since you have five tassels, one will hang directly in the middle of your chain and then you will place two on each side with the remaining four. The best way to keep this symmetrical is to count the chain links between the tassels. I left six links between each tassel. If you choose a chain with smaller links, just use a measuring tape. tasselnecklace_diy And, voila! Now you have an adorable necklace to wear for Valentine's Day or any day of the year. tasselnecklace1 I know I'll be wearing this all the time. I hope you luvvies like it as much as I do! darcy-sig

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