DIY Mini Pumpkin Glam

Hello crafters! Kaitlyn and I are changing roles over the next couple of weeks. I am excited to contribute to the Create section of the blog, and also excited to see Kaitlyn's cute style on Fashion Fridays. I love getting crafty. Especially for a season or holiday like fall and Halloween. And what better way to enjoy the season than by decorating pumpkins? It is one of my favorite traditions. From washi tape to puffy paint, there is no shortage of fun pumpkin inspiration out there.  I've been seeing lots of (what I like to call) pumpkin glam in stores. So for this DIY I've decided to make my batch of some oh-so-glam mini pumpkins. This is super easy and great for all you glitter lovers out there. Check it out! mini pumpkin diy

1. Cover your entire pumpkin with a thin layer of adhesive (mod podge) using your brush, then sprinkle a small, even amount of glitter all over your pumpkin.

2. Paint every other curve of the pumpkin with a thin layer of adhesive then sprinkle on glitter.

3. Use a circular sponge brush to make gold polka dots on your pumpkin.

4. Cover entire pumpkin with a layer of adhesive and completely cover with lots of glitter.

5. Paint the pumpkin stem with gold paint, then repeat the steps from pumpkin number two.

Now you have the perfect centerpiece for your GLAM fall table. How fun would it be to have a DIY mini pumpkin party with your friends and family? I definitely want to do that in the future.

Show us how you are decorating your pumpkins. Tag @hello_luvvy on Instagram and use #HLPumpkinGlam. We would luvv to share some of your creations with our followers.

Happy Crafting!


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