DIY Mini Photo Calendar

To continue with this month's theme of enhancing the daily grind, Kaitlyn and I have teamed up to make a mini 2015 photo calendar and we are in luvv with the results. Let's get started! I used Word to create a mini 2015 calendar and printed the pages on white card stock. You can create your own calendar or subscribe to HL and use our template. If you subscribe to HL you can expect to receive these files via email. Just another great reason to subscribe! The next thing I did was pick all the photos I wanted to use for the calendar and print them. I made two photo collages of the images, and printed them on two separate sheets of card stock (photo paper works great too). The best size for the images is 300x200. I made my collage in Photoshop, but if you don't have Photoshop I would suggest using your Word application or


You Will Need

DIYphotocalendar —an assortment of washi tape —scissors and/or a cutting board —hammer and three tiny nails —gold wire —raw wood board from your craft supply store (6x8) Now you are ready to start cutting out your photos and placing them on the preferred month. DIYphotocalendar1 DIYphotocalendar2 Next, use your washi tape to  adhere your images to each month. We used several different colors and taped them all in different ways. Friends this craft is really fun! DIYphotocalendar4 DIYphotocalendar5 All taped and ready for the next step! We're just a little obsessed with this cuteness. DIYphotocalendar10 Now, hammer two tiny nails to the back of your board about 1 and 1/2 inch apart. Use a measuring tape to make sure they are centered. DIYphotocalendar6 Then, wrap your gold wire around the nails. DIYphotocalendar7 Once you have created your hanging wire, line up your pages on the front of your board and use your last nail to hammer on your calendar pages. Now each month is ready to tear off. If you would prefer to not tear them, you could just hole punch your pages then hang them on the nail. DIYphotocalendar8 Luvvies this craft is a blast and each calendar made is going to look different than the last. You could make your calendar with pictures of your family or just pictures that kept you inspired throughout the year. We used pictures from some of your favorite blog posts from 2014. However you decide to make your calendar, show us! Follow us on Instagram (@hello_luvvy) and use #howluvvly. kaitlyn-sigdarcy-sig

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