DIY Marble Dry Erase Board & Marker Holder

Heart-eyes all around for this DIY marble dry erase board & marker holder! This week I am actually exploring Dallas, Texas, so it was kind of cool to be able to craft on the go. This project is super simple and the marbling technique can be applied to so many things. I suggest you read through the whole post before getting started though. Some of the steps have to be done quickly. Enjoy! marble marker holder - hello luvvy

You will need:

— White Photo Frame

— Scissors

— Tissue Paper

— White Marker Holder

— Piece of White Cardstock

— Nail Polish (Do Not Use 'Quick Dry')

— Container of Warm Water

— Tooth Picks (not pictured)

— Wet Wash Rag (wipe your hands)

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder 2

To get started, you need take apart the photo frame.

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder3

I used the example photo as a template on my white cardstock because I wanted a background color to show through. I cut some tissue paper the size of the glass.

watercolor to do list

If you are going to decorate your white paper now is the time to do it. I chose to create a 'to do' list, but you could use the dry erase board for whatever you want. Set aside your papers and get started on marbling.

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder5

With warm water already in the container, pour the nail polish into the water in a random pattern.

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder4

Mix it around with a tooth pick so it looks similar to shown above. After the polish is in the water, quickly move to the next step so it doesn't have time to dry on top of the water. Obviously, you can put in more or less polish if you want. You can also use additional colors too. Don't be afraid to experiment with test items before you get started on the marble dry erase board.

marble marker holder

Slowly dip the marker holder into the water and polish and pull it back out.

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder6

Clean the remaining polish out of the water with a tooth pick. Then, repeat the marbling process with the photo frame. My container was kind of small so I had to do one side of the photo frame at a time but you could easily use a larger container so you only have to do one dip.

Marble dry erase board and marble marker holder7

Allow the items to dry. After drying, put the paper between the glass and insert it back into the photo frame.

marble marker holder-hello luvvy 2

Now you have an adorable DIY marble dry erase board and marker holder for your office. This easy project will make your space feel extra personalized. I hope you luvvly ladies have an amazing weekend!

xo Jessica

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