DIY Holiday Crown

Today's project puts a holiday spin on our DIY Floral Crown. I know many of you are busy thinking through what you are going to wear to celebrate this year, and I think this just might be the perfect accessory. Let's get started!

diy holiday crown you will need

-artificial holly stems or something similar

-floral wire

-floral tape

-wire cutters

To begin this project, twist pieces of floral wires together to form the base shape of your crown. Next, cut off small branches of the artificial holly that you want to use on your crown. Then, use your floral tape to attach the stems by wrapping the tape around both the stem and the wire base, as seen in the photos above. This crown is really easy to make because you can use extra leaves to fill in any gaps you might have.

 I think this is such an elegant and glamorous holiday look! Plus, you can dress it up or down so easily; just have fun with it!

diy holiday flower crown

I hope you luvvies enjoy!



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