DIY Heart Sweater

Once school starts, my brain seems to automatically switch to planning my fall wardrobe. Today's DIY is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add a cute little detail that will spruce up any solid heart sweater suppliesyou will need

-A sweater


-Embroidery thread

-A needle

-A pen or pencil


-Straight pins (not pictured)diy heart sweaterBegin by drawing your heart shape on your piece of felt. Once you are happy with your shape, go ahead and cut it out.

Using your straight pins, fasten your felt heart onto your sweater in your desired location. This will keep your shape straight and in place while you are stitching.

Now thread your needle with your embroidery thread, tying a knot in one end and begin stitching all the way around the edge of your heart. After the last stitch, tie a knot on the inside of the sweater with the loose end of your string, and you are all done!

A once drab and boring sweater now has a sweet little touch, and I luvv it!

Do you luvvies have any fun tips for spicing up your fall wardrobe?? We'd love to hear them!


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