DIY Heart Knee Tights

Hello, luvvies! I had a lot of fun taking over the fashion section of the site for the past couple of weeks, but today I am back in my element of crafting! I have an adorable DIY for all of you tights-loving ladies today because we have reached that time of year where your days of bare legs are numbered, if not gone, until spring. Let's get to it, shall we?

diy heart tightsyou will need

-A pair of tights

-Scrap pieces of cardboard

-Fabric paint

-Some paintbrushes (one should be fine-tipped)

-A heart-shaped pattern a few inches tall

First, I cut out my heart pattern on some thick paper. Then, I put my scrap pieces of cardboard in the legs of my tights where my knees would be. (If this is hard for you to gauge, you can always try your tights on and mark where your knees fit into them.) The cardboard will keep the paint from bleeding through onto the back layer of your tights. Next, I used my heart pattern and a fine-tipped brush to trace the shap of the heart with my paint onto the knees of my tights. After that, I painted the inside of my heart designs and waited for them to dry. It's that simple, ladies!

What do you think?!


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