DIY Hanging Vase

Hello, luvvies! This week I have another DIY for your walls. I was looking for an interesting way to incorporate some fall florals into my home when I came up with this hanging wall vase. I hope you enjoy! diy vase suppliesyou will need

-A Piece of wood

-A small, light-weight vase or bottle

-White floral wire

-A drill

-Artificial flowersdiy hanging vaseBegin by laying your vase onto your flat piece of wood to see where your drill holes will go. You will want to choose a bottle with a lip of some sort around the top. Your holes should go just under that lip. Once you have marked off where you want them, go ahead and drill your holes. Next, lay your bottle on top of the wood and use your white piece of floral wire to attach the jar by threading it through the holes, as seen in the example above. Your wire should loop around the front of the jar, with the loose ends twisted tightly behind the wood to secure the vase into place. Now you are ready to add your flowers! I used my excess floral wire behind the wood  and a nail to hang my vase on the wall.

This project is so simple and adds such a fun touch to any room. Bonus- You can easily switch out your florals anytime you are in the mood for something new!


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