DIY Gold Leaf Skull - Halloween Decor

With Halloween right around the corner, this gold leaf skull is the perfect weekend project to help you get in a spooky mood. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays in my house so I love to create things that I can use to decorate year after year. Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy7 copy

To make the gold leaf skull you will need:

— Ceramic Skull

— Sheets of Gold Leaf

— Gilding Adhesive

— Decoupage Gilding Brush Set

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy1

Before you get started, I'm going to share a few tips about the project supplies. I used all Martha Stewart products for the gold leaf but you don't have to. Different products may have varying instructions but I'm sure the process is similar. I really liked this brand of gilding sheets because of the tissue separates and the gold leaf was easier to work with. It allowed me to cut the sheets into pieces when needed which helped me not waste the product. If I were to do this project again I would get a less detailed skull because it took a little while to apply the gold leaf to the detailed areas.

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy2

First, apply a thin layer of adhesive to a section of the skull. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes or until it is tacky to touch.

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy3

Begin pressing the larger sheets into areas that are mostly smooth and not as detailed. Remove the backing from the foil and with the smaller synthetic brush, gently remove the excess foil from the skull.

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy4

The foil will look broken up as you apply it to the skull. When you get to the more detailed areas, cut the sheets into smaller pieces so you can apply it easier. Using the smallest synthetic brush, you can blend the pieces into each other and reach the harder to reach spaces.

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy5

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy6

Continue pressing the foil into the skull. One you have the skull mostly covered let it set for a few hours. Then go back over and touch up the few last bits of skull showing through. Make sure to wash your brushes with soap and water after using them. The glue is water based so it should come off okay as long as you don't let the glue dry for too long.

Gold Leaf Skull - Hello Luvvy8

Share your spooky skull using #DIYluvv! I'd love to see what you come up with!

XO Jessica

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