DIY Geometric Art Project

geometric wall art diy This project is a quick and easy one. Plus it helps to add a pop of color to any room in your home! Are you luvvies ready to get started??

suppliesWhat You Will Need:


-Craft Paint


-Painter's tape (or washi tape works too)


tape designFirst, use your painter's tape and scissors to make your design. Essentially, wherever you put tape down on your canvas will be the negative space, as everywhere else will be filled with color.

press down tapeOnce your tape design is complete, go back over all of your tape with your fingers and make sure it is stuck down firmly and smoothly. This is probably the most important step to this project because if paint leaks through your tape, it will lose the whole effect.

time to paintWhen you feel confident your tape is secure, it's time to get to work painting! You luvvies can choose whatever colors you want. Some people may prefer to use only one or two colors, while others of us may use every color they can find. It is most likely going to take at least two coats of paint for each color.

remove tapeAfter you have painted your canvas and all the paint is dry, it is time to remove the tape to see what your finished project looks like!

finished canvasNow you are all done and ready to find a home for your fun new piece of artwork!

geometric canvas diyWhat do you luvvies think? Easy as pie, right?


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