DIY Gatsby Inspired Head Piece

DIY gatsby

Happy Halloween Luvvies!

If you are looking for a last minute costume that won't cost you much money, will forever be stylish, and is just downright fabulous, this DIY Great Gatsby inspired head-piece is just for you. So grab your glue guns and let's get started.

What you need:

Ribbon varying in width, style, and colors. Feathers: these feathers came ready to clip in but you could easily glue your own feathers directly to your head-piece or to any hair clip. I chose to use sequined elastic as the back half of my head-piece and it worked perfectly. Lastly you need some fancy beads or rhinestones.

Not pictured: Glue gun, scissors, and a little imagination.


1. To begin, take the ribbon that you plan to make as the front of your headband and measure its proper length using your own head as your tape measure. Your ribbon should go across your forehead to the top of your ears. Next, take your sequined elastic and stretch it around the back of your head to your ears. You want this to stretch a bit so your head-piece will stay on comfortably without falling off, so this piece will end up being about 2in shorter than your flat ribbon.

2. Add some glam to your ribbon using a glue gun and colorful pearl beads.

3. Fold the ends of the ribbon down and glue them to the sequined elastic, end to end.

4. You have yourself a headband!


The final step in your fab 1920s head-gear is to add the flare. As I mentioned before I used a prefab feather hair clip, it was $3 at the craft store. Then I just glued some extra prettiness to it, a black and white stripe ribbon and some of the colorful accent beads.

DIY gatsby

 Just clip it on your headband and viola! You are ready to do the Charleston all night long.

DIY Gatsby

 Happiest of Halloween's to you all from the ladies and gent of Hello Luvvy!

As always we would luvv to see your costumes this year! Hit us up!

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