DIY: garden boxes

the husband and i love the idea of a garden, but not so much the idea of planting it directly into the ground in our yard. so we decided that we needed to make some raised planters for our veggies. we are also super cheap creative, so we looked around our house to try and figure out things we had to use to create one. we have lots of old fence boards just lying around and they happen to be free, so we thought they would make perfect garden boxes.

want to make some too? i thought so!

here is what you will need (to make 4 boxes):

16 fence boards

2" x 6" x 8'  board 

wood screws




potting soil




you will use 4 fence boards per box. 2 for the bottom and 2 for the sides. cut your end pieces from the 2" x 6 "x 8' to be the same width as the two bottom fence boards (when laying them side by side. use a 1/8" drill to start holes through the fence boards into the end pieces. finish by setting 3" wood screws into the holes. use newspaper to line the inside of the box and fill with compost/soil mix and then plant away!



this project was super quick, and because we used stuff we already had we only ended up spending a few dollars! now we just need our little seedlings to sprout and we we'll get our garden going. i see a lot of bruschetta in our future!




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