DIY Fox Flats

Today's DIY is inspired in large part by the popular kitten flats. While I luvv this trend, I myself am not a cat person, so I decided to sport foxes on my toes instead! Let's get started!

supplies You will need:

-One pair of ballet flats

-Two paintbrushes (one should have a fine tip)

-Washi tape

-Orange, cream, and black acrylic paintdiy fox flats

To begin, use your washi tape to mark off the area of your flats that will become the fox faces. Then, pain this area completely orange. It may take you a few coats of paint, depending on the color of your flats.

Once your paint has dried completely, remove your washi tape. Now you will use the tape to block the area where the ears will go. Paint this area orange as well, using the same number of coats of paint.

Now you can remove all remaining tape and get out your cream paint. With this color, you will paint the inside of the foxes' ears and cheeks, as seen above. Again, it may take more than one coat of paint.

Finally, using your black paint and a fine-tipped brush, add the eyes, nose, and whiskers to your fox.

Once your paint has dried you are all set! What do you luvvies think? I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to sport my foxy new flats!!


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