DIY Floral Wall Hanging

This week has been insanely busy for me (in the best way) but one thing I was super excited to work on was this DIY Floral Wall Hanging. If you've been reading my past DIY posts, you know that I've been working on decorating my home lately. This wall hanging will add the perfect feminine touch to my home office and I am so glad to share it with you! This is a pretty long post but the DIY is actually pretty simple. Let's get started. DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy

You will need:

— Medium curved stick

— Tissue Paper

— Glitter Card stock

— Adhesive (tape/glue dots/or hot glue)

— Round Scallop Punch

— Mini Banner Punch

— Embossing Thread

— Sequin Trim

— Green Cardstock

— Scissors

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy27

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy12

To get started, you need to cut at least 3 strips of cardstock. I would like to point out that I cut way too many leaves for this project. I didn't realize it until after I had already taken all of my photos so, FYI you only need about 5 or 6 leaves. Oops!

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy19

Fold your strips of cardstock in half.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy20

Cut the leaves from the folded paper.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy21

To create the flowers punch at least 6 scalloped circles for each flower you want to make.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy22

Fold one circle in half.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy23

Fold it in half again.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy24Repeat folding the circles in to quarters until 5 petals are created. The 6th circle will act as the base of your flower.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy25

Begin to glue the petals down. First glue 4 petals down to fill up the base of your flower.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy02

Then glue the last petal with the point straight down to the middle.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy03

Now you can fluff up your luvvly creation to make your first flower. To cut a small square from the cardstock.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy04

Glue the square to the back of the flower. This will help later on because it forms a more sturdy backing to your flower.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy05

Next, Punch out a bunch of mini banners.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy06

With glue dots or tape attach the banners to some embroidery thread. The thread needs to be long enough to attach to your stick later on and still leave some hanging. You can view the finished photo for reference. Set aside all of the elements of your wall hanging.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy07

With a new thread (not yet cut) glue one end to the end of your stick.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy08

Wrap it around a bunch of times and tie a knot.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy09

Leave quite a bit of slack in the string. On the other end of your stick, wrap the sting around again, tie a knot, and secure with glue.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy11

Here is an example of the string after it was added to the stick.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy13

Tie and glue each end of the mini banner bunting to your stick. Also glue the bunting to the center of your stick.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy14

Now add leaves to one of your flowers and glue it to one end of the stick.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy15

Add another flower to the same end. Your lovely wall hanging is starting to come together!

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy16

Glue another flower and leaves to the center of the stick where you created a peak with the bunting.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy17

Glue 2 more flowers and leaves to the other end of the stick. To finish off your wall hanging, glue a few strands of sequin trim to each end of the stick and let it hang behind the flowers.

DIY Wall Hanging Hello Luvvy18

Even though there are quite a few steps, this DIY wall hanging is easy the whole way through. If you have any questions you can alway reach out. I would love to hear from you. Also, remember you can always use different colors to achieve different looks. As always use #DIYluvv on insta so we can check out your luvvly creations!

xoxo Jessica

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