DIY Floral Letter

floral letter diy

With February winding to a close, I wanted to bring you luvvies a craft that helps to beat the rest of those winter blues and get you in the mood for spring! For me, this hanging floral letter DIY accomplished just that, so let's get started!

floral letter diy supplies

You will need:

-Cardboard letter

-Artificial flowers

-Floral foam

-An exacto knife

-Hot glue gun



diy floral letter

Step One: Use your exacto knife to cut the top off of your letter. This will expose the hallow inside of the cardboard letter.

Step Two: Using your scissors, cut the foam down into pieces that fit inside your letter. Secure the foam using your trusty hot glue gun!

Step Three: Snip the blooms off of your flowers, leaving just enough stem to be able to stick the blooms into the foam. This is the fun part- you can begin arranging your flowers!

Step Four: Continue arranging, making sure to fill in your entire letter. Secure your blooms to the foam with your hot glue gun as you go, just to make sure those pretty little ladies aren't going anywhere.

Step Five: Once you are all finished adding flowers, hot glue a piece of ribbon to either side of your letter. Each piece should be even, but the length depends on how far down you would like your letter to hang. I tied a bow at the top of my ribbon, as you will see below.

hanging floral letter diy

All done! What do you luvvies think?! This craft made me super happy and totally put me in the mood for spring. It will be here before we know it! Happy crafting!


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